Eritrea: Monetary Support to Families of Martyrs

Asmara, 06 July 2023 – The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare reported that nationals inside the country and abroad contributed over 11 thousand Dollars, 637 thousand South Sudanese pound, and 43 thousand Nakfa in support of the families of martyrs and disadvantaged students.

Accordingly, a national from Juba who wants to stay anonymous contributed 7 thousand 200 Dollars, a national in the city of Aweil contributed 4 thousand dollars, and nationals in the city of Bentiu contributed 637 thousand South Sudanese Pounds and 200 Dollars.

Likewise, employees of Customs and Immigration in the port city of Massawa extended 18 thousand Nakfa to three families of martyrs.

Similarly, residents of Akria sub-zone contributed 33 thousand Nakfa in support of disadvantaged 11th grade students in their area who are set to go to Sawa to continue their 12th grade education.

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