Ethiopia: Some 3.5 Million IDPs Returned Homes – Prime Minister

Addis Ababa July 6/32023 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed disclosed that 3.5 million internally displaced peoples (IDPs) have returned to their homes with the support of the government.

Responding to queries raised by members of the HPR during its 28th regular session, the premier recalled that 4.6 million citizens have been displaced due to various reasons.

Of those, 3.5 million IDPs have returned to their homes as a result of the efforts exerted by the government in coordination with stakeholders, he added.

Since there is a tendency of developing dependency mentality among some IDPs, it is necessary for Ethiopians to tailor lasting solutions to the problem, according to the premier.

As regards withstanding such problems, the prime minister for example stated that the drought experienced in Borena has been successfully tackled by the agricultural activities carried out by the government, especially in wheat production.

Therefore, he stressed that we should always work on getting out of the problems we face by ourselves.

Abiy underlined that efforts would be made to return the more than one million citizens who have not yet returned to their villages to settle them permanently.

Meanwhile, he stated that 3.1 jobs were created in the past eleven months of the Ethiopian fiscal year. The jobs were created in agriculture, industry, and service sectors as well as employments abroad.

According to the premier, additional legal foreign employments for two million citizens are being processed by the Ministry of Labor and Skills.

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