Kenya: Police Grant Permission for Saba Saba Rally At Kamkunji Grounds

Nairobi — Police in Nairobi have confirmed having given the go-ahead to the organizers of the highly anticipated Saba Saba meeting.

The gathering that seeks to pile pressure on the Government to address different challenges facing the country including high cost of living and ‘punitive’ taxes is scheduled to take place at Nairobi’s Kamukunji Grounds.

Nairobi’s police chief, Adamson Bungei, confirmed that the organizers had been given permission to hold their meeting at Kamkunji Grounds.

He however said that the protestors will not be allowed to carry out street protests and destruction of property.

“They can proceed with their meeting at Kamkunji Grounds; however, street protests are not permitted,” he stated.

The Azimio La Umoja Coalition, along with various civil society groups, has called for protests on July 7 to commemorate Saba Saba Day.

This day is historically associated with the struggle for a multiparty system in Kenya.

As the morning dawned on Friday, Nairobi witnessed heavy rainfall with heavy police presence.

In anticipation of the street protests, the police established roadblocks around State House and other parts of the city.

The organizers have assured that the nationwide protests will be conducted peacefully, prioritizing non-violent expressions of dissent.

To ensure law and order during the events, numerous police officers were deployed across various locations.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, the officers were seen inspecting vehicles along the roads surrounding State House.

In a bid to augment the existing police presence in the city, additional officers were deployed to Nairobi.

In Mathare area, Police have dispersed youth who had blocked the Thika Roaf service lane and were attacking motorists.

Meanwhile, other police personnel were seen patrolling the city streets and dispersing any assembled groups.

In the early hours of the morning, several businesses remained closed, possibly due to concerns about potential unrest.

Consequently, the streets were sparsely populated, with only a few pedestrians in sight.

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