Kenya: Odinga Excites Commuters as He Boards Matatu to Work

Nairobi — Azimio leader Raila Odinga on Monday excited commuters when he boarded a Public Service Vehicle (PSV).

With music blaring, Odinga couldn’t hide his delight as he settled into his seat on the matatu that plies the Ngong-Nairobi route, patiently waiting for other passengers to join him on the journey.

“Embracing the convenience and camaraderie of public transport heading to work this morning,” Odinga shared on his social media account Monday.

Once the matatu was filled to capacity, the trip from Ngong to Nairobi CBD began.

Some passengers seized the opportunity to snap a selfie with the Opposition Chief, who attentively listened to their concerns.

Some voiced their frustrations over the escalating cost of food and the high price of fuel.

“Baba Tunaumia, hii matatu tulikua tunalipa Mia Moja leo tunalipa 150( Baba(Raila) we are struggling, we used to pay Sh100 for fare now we have to part with Sh 150,” a passenger said as he jokingly pleaded with the Opposition Chief to cover his fare expenses.

Others complained of high electricity charges and water charges and pleaded with Odinga to intervene on their behalf.

When asked by a passenger about his experience in the matatu, Odinga said he was “enjoying the ride.”

On June 27 Odinga asked Kenyans to come with different strategies such as carpooling and walking to work in protest in a bid to boycott from government’s ‘punitive’ tax measures which saw increased fuel prices.

“Let us deny Ruto the fuel tax by limiting consumption of petrol and diesel. One way to do this is to carpool,” Odinga said on June 27.

“Let us organize ourselves to carry out regular travels in a single vehicle whenever possible, offer each other a ride, cut down on non-essential travel and walk instead of driving whenever possible.” said.

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