Uganda: Among Demands Govt Action to End Rising Road Carnage

Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has called on government agencies to come together and put an end to road accidents in Uganda.

She made the remarks while speaking at the funeral of a former MP Erute North MP Charles Angiro Gutumoi, who died in a fatal accident on his way to a traditional marriage ceremony.

Equally, prominent businessman Apollo Nyegamehe known as Aponye also died in a road crash this week after his car crashed into a stationary lorry on the Mbarara-Kabale highway. The businessman passed away shortly after the incident took place in

Among stated that these accidents have taken the lives of many Ugandans who could have made significant contributions to the country’s development.

Gutomoi was travelling with three others when the driver lost control and crashed in Murchison Game Park.

She urged authorities to focus on issues such as poor vehicle conditions, reckless driving, and inadequate road designs and parking management.

Among emphasised that it is time to move beyond lamenting the loss of lives and to take action to address the issue.

“Whenever we lose a person, we come here and lament about it. But I think the time of lamenting is over, we need an action plan on ending this carnage,” she said.

This call to action comes in the wake of several high-profile accidents, including the recent death of a prominent businessman.

Ugandan police report a 16.9% increase in road accidents in 2022, with over 20,000 accidents reported nationwide. Reckless driving is the leading cause of these accidents and is responsible for 61% of reported collisions. In every 100 accidents, 22 people died.