Africa: Ethiopian Plane Crash Victims From UK Win Unlawful Killing Case

Harare — A coroner has determined that three British nationals who perished in an aircraft crash were unlawfully killed, BBC reports.

Sam Pegram, 25, Oliver Vick, 45, Joanna Toole, 36, and other British humanitarian workers perished in the March 2019 plane crash outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, along with 157 other passengers.

According to testimony given in court, a design defect caused flight ET302 to crash shortly after takeoff. Because to a sensor malfunction, the aircraft’s MCAS flight control system deployed improperly and sent it into a dangerous dive.

In 2020, the U.S. Congress issued a damning report that put the blame for the Ethiopian and Lion Air crashes squarely on U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Boeing then reportedly told families who lost loved ones in the crash, that each family will be entitled to U.S.$144,500. The money comes from a U.S.$50 million financial assistance fund, which Boeing announced in July 2019.

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