Rwanda Secures U.S.$20 Million for Kamonyi Electricity Network

Rwanda has signed an agreement with the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) for a concessional development loan of USD 20 million (approximately Rwf 23.3 billion) to finance the electricity delivery project in the Kamonyi District.

The Minister of Finance Uzziel Ndagijimana, Sultan bin Abdulrahman Al-Marshad, CEO of SFD, signed the agreement on July 11.

The project aims to build a network of medium and low-pressure power lines and electricity distribution transformers to provide electricity to homes, government institutions, and social facilities in the district.

It is part of Energy Access and Quality Improvement program whose objective is to improve access to reliable and cost-effective electricity services for households, public institutions, and productive use in Rwanda.

According to Ndagijimana, the project will benefit approximately 30,769 people and enhance economic, agricultural, and industrial activities in Kamonyi district.

He said it is also expected to create direct and indirect employment opportunities, improve livelihoods, support Rwanda’s economic growth, and promote sustainable living.

Ndagijimana also noted that the financing will contribute to electrification efforts in the District which currently stands at 58.9 per cent.

“At the completion of this project,” he said, “electricity access in Kamonyi District will increase by 6.8 per cent, thus contributing to increase economic and social development within the framework of our National Strategy for Transformation by connecting electricity to more households.”