Somalia: Qatar Charity Supports Somali Fishermen With Fishing Boats

Doha, Qatar — As part of its humanitarian contribution to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development for needy groups, Qatar Charity has donated a set of fishing boats equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to low-income fishermen in Somalia.

The project aims to enable fishermen to increase their productivity and improve financial income, as 6 fishing boats were delivered to 18 needy fishermen.

In this context, Director of Qatar Charity’s office in Somalia Abdel Fattah Adam Muallem said: “Qatar Charity provided a grant of fishing boats to low-income fishermen in Somalia, for six teams, each team consisting of three people.

This step comes as part of efforts to support the fishing sector in the country, which aims to enhance the capabilities of fishermen to reach the coastal areas rich in fisheries, as these boats are equipped with modern fishing equipment.”

In his speech, spokesperson for the Somali Ministry of Fisheries and the Blue Economy Hassan Farah Hamed praised the pioneering initiative undertaken by Qatar Charity.

He urged the beneficiaries to develop their skills and improve their work. He said that this initiative gives them new opportunities to earn a living, improve their standard of living, and live in dignity.

For his part, the Director of the Fishing Co-operatives Development Sector at the ministry Mohamed Mukhtar Mohamed expressed his happiness with the generous initiative of Qatar Charity and donors from the people of Qatar and pointed out that the boats provided are equipped with the latest technologies and equipment necessary for fishing, which will contribute to improving work efficiency and increasing productivity on the one hand.

The beneficiaries considered that this step is an opportunity for them, to practice the fishing profession, work to achieve self-sufficiency and provide a livelihood for themselves and their families and get out of the circle of poverty and need, and encourages them to be role models for ambitious youth who seek to enter the labor market and overcome the challenges and difficulties that may confront them.

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