Africa: EASF Lauds Ethiopia’s Crucial Role in Peacekeeping Operations of Africa

Addis Ababa — Ethiopia is very committed and crucial in peacekeeping operations not only in East Africa but also in the entire Africa, Chief of Staff of Eastern African Standby Force (EASF) Logistic Base Colonel Ahmed Essa said.

A 10-day Integrated Mission Support training is being provided to equip the participants drawn from EASF with essential knowledge, skills and attitude required for effective planning, coordination and successful delivery of the mission.

Opening the training, the colonel noted the role of Ethiopia for peacekeeping mission in Africa: “Ethiopia is very committed and very crucial in peacekeeping operations of not only in East Africa but also for all Africa and I can say that they were the leading and the first country in Africa to participate in peace keeping mission.”

Citing that Ethiopia has participated in peacekeeping mission for 50 years, he said “almost Ethiopia participated in all peacekeeping missions in Africa. I would like to thank Ethiopia for their efforts to support peacekeeping operations in the continent.”

Ethiopian Defense Forces Foreign Relation and Military Cooperation Training Affairs Director Mekonnen Abebe on his part said the People of our motherland, Africa and the people of East Africa region deserve to have prosperous and peaceful region.

The continental and regional peace and security architectures have been created not for any other purposes but to realize the dream of our people, he elaborated.

For Abebe, the peace and security architectures such as the East African Standby Force are created to mitigate and resolve conflicts in the region.