Rwanda: Meet Zabron & Deborah, a New Gospel Duo to Keep an Eye On

With only two songs, gospel duo Zabron Ndikumukiza and Deborah Mugisha, popularly known as Zabron and Deborah, are showing signs of taking over Rwanda’s gospel music industry, thanks to their breakthrough songs ‘Ineza y’ imana’ and ‘Kwizera Yesu’, that are pushing them into the limelight.

The two are not only related through music, but have been happily married for over two years with a nine-month- old daughter.

It is a journey, according to Zabron, that dates back in 2014 when the couple used to sing in the same choir of ADEPR church located in Gatenga, Kicukiro, Kigali.

“I met Deborah in 2014 when we both attended ADEPR Gatenga. I was a vocal coach in Deborah’s choir, and over time, we developed a close bond. After a year, I realised that I had fallen in love with her,” Zabron told The New Times in a recent interview.

They however, separated in 2018 when Zabron relocated to the US but promised Deborah that he would return to marry her.

“In 2020, we got married, and both of us relocated to the US and that’s when our journey of singing as a duo began,” said Zabron.

Road to eminence

As a Christian couple that used to sing together, Zabron recalls the moments when they could pray together and write songs.

Among songs that came out of their prayer sessions is ‘Kwizera Yesu’, their recently released track which is winning the hearts of many gospel music lovers in Rwanda.

“The inspiration for our new song came from reading the word of God, and the Holy Spirit revealed to us the eternal life we have in Jesus Christ through faith in him,” Zabron explained the birth of the song.

The couple further said that it is recording a number of songs to be released in the near future, which is in line with its aim of spreading the gospel of Jesus and share the message with the world

“We have more uplifting gospel songs, composed and recorded as a duo, in the pipeline,” Zabron noted.

The couple has so far recorded two songs together including Ineza y’ imana and Kwizera Yesu, and three others that Zabron produced alone.

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