Uganda: When It Comes to Me, People Always Jump to the Negative – Nwagi

Singer Winifred Nakwanagi alias Winnie Nwagi has shown remorse regarding her recent stage outburst, which has attracted criticism from a section of the public.

Nwagi walked off the stage in Masindi after a fan tried to wipe her shoes with a cloth.

The artiste was infuriated at the act that she started whacking the fan’s hand with the microphone.

She later rapped for the fans, telling them to find prostitutes to touch instead of plastering their hands all over her.

This was the second instance happening to Nwagi, previously a fan has attempted to stick legal tender notes in her bra while she performed, and the singer splashed the money back disgustingly.

The actions by Nwagi sparked a debate amongst entertainment lovers, with many crucifying her for ‘crass behaviour” while others ran to her rescue noting that some fans go overboard.

Nwagi while commenting on the events said she was disappointed that everyone runs to conclude in the negative when it comes to matters involving her.

“When it comes to Winnie Nwagi, everyone jumps to the negative,” she said, adding that she is fine with whatever opinion people come up with regarding her actions.

It should be noted that Nwagi was once a subject in parliament after she and her backup dancers were butt-rubbed by male students of St Mary’s College Kisubi.

She apologised for her actions later.

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