East Africa: 2.7 Mln People Displaced By Drought in Horn of Africa – WFP

Nairobi — Drought conditions in the Horn of Africa region have displaced around 2.7 million people, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) said Sunday.

In a regional situation update report, the WFP said that 1.7 million people in Somalia, 516,000 people in Ethiopia and 466,000 people in Kenya have been displaced by drought.

The WFP report further disclosed that the arrival of millions of thousands of refugees in drought affected areas of the three countries is exacerbating food insecurity in the region.

“The Horn of Africa region has experienced severe meteorological drought following consecutive seasons below-normal rainfall since late 2020, impacting agriculture, livestock, vegetation, water resources, livelihoods and grazing resources,” the WFP report said.

The UN agency estimated that prolonged drought in the Horn of Africa region has left 23.4 million people acutely food insecure and 5.1 million children acutely malnourished.

Earlier this year, the WFP warned that the occurrence of another poor rainy season between March to May 2023 will have devastating consequences for communities across the Horn of Africa region.

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