East Africa Hip Hop Festival to Rock Dar

EAST Africa’s third edition of Hip Hop Festival is expected to kick-off tomorrow (June 23, 2023) in Dar es Salaam as artists from the region anticipated to conquer the annual event with their immense talents.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam recently, HipHip Asili Festival manager Matei Babu said the celebration of Hip Hop culture in Tanzania will be an appropriate avenue for artists to showcase their talents in rap, breakdance, graffiti art, Beat Boxing and the art of DJing at Alliance Française in the City.

“Hip Hip Festival began three years ago [2021]…we expect to have another festival at Alliance Française…This is the 1st International Hip Hop Festival in East Africa,” said the manager.

For Tanzanian Hip Hop artist Young Lunya the event was highly awaited since there are no festivals designed for rappers and other related talents to auction themselves.

“So this is a right forum and perhaps biggest in the region which has been organized in consideration of Hip Hop foundations,” Lunya said.

The festival aims to enhance the cultural expressions of Hip-hop by empowering young people to engage their skill in a way that uplifts their communities and inspires them to undertake in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

The Hip Hop Festival brings together artists with a common desire to exchange and share, promoting Hip Hop culture and showing the richness of this movement which helps to uplift young people in Tanzania and around the world.

It aims at supporting Tanzanian and East African Hip-hop talents and helping them move forward with a professional career, give artists a right platform to showcase their talents and improve their knowledge of the music industry.

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