East Africa: Transparency Initiative Seychelles Signs 3 Agreements With Mauritian Counterpart for Collaboration

Transparency Initiative Seychelles (TIS) has joined forces with Transparency Mauritius to strengthen collaboration and promote transparency, good governance, and integrity in their respective countries.

TIS said in a press statement on Monday that this will be done through three newly signed memoranda of understanding (MoU).

The MoUs focus on several key areas of cooperation and in the promotion and advocacy of transparency and good governance. the two countries will collaborate on joint initiatives and campaigns.

Both organizations said they are excited about the prospects of this collaboration and are committed to making a lasting impact in the fight against corruption and the promotion of transparency and good governance.

Chrystold Chetty, chairman of TIS, said, “Through our collaboration, we aim to make a significant impact in combating corruption and fostering integrity in our countries.”

He added that “This partnership represents a major step towards strengthening governance and promoting transparency. By working together, we can drive positive change and create a more accountable society.”

On her part, Brinda Devi Dabysing, director of Transparency Mauritius, said “We are delighted to partner with Transparency Initiative Seychelles to advance our shared goals of transparency and good governance.”

The areas of cooperation will be geared towards advocating for anti-corruption measures, and integrity in the public and private sectors, and raise awareness about the importance of transparency in society.

Under the exchange of information, TIS and its Mauritian counterpart will establish a mechanism to share relevant information, best practices, and research findings on corruption, transparency, and good governance.

Both bodies will also collaborate to facilitate access to climate funds by promoting the elements of transparency and accountability in climate finance mechanisms.

Combating corruption and anti-money laundering are other areas of cooperation, including sharing experiences, knowledge, and best practices. TIS and Transparency Mauritius will support initiatives to strengthen legal frameworks, promote transparency in financial transactions, and enhance anti-corruption measures.

Both parties will also collaborate to support and promote the development of investigative journalism capacity.

They will actively participate in open government partnership (OGP) initiatives by advocating for the adoption and implementation of OGP commitments and contributing to the development of effective open government policies.

Youth and integrity are also covered under the MoUs and will include workshops, mentoring programs, and awareness campaigns, empowering young people to foster transparency and integrity.