Ethiopia: South Region Pledges to Expand Successful 30-40-30 Fruit Development Project

Addis Ababa — :- The successful 30-40-30 Fruit Development Project in South Region will be strengthened in order to ensure continued benefit of the people, the regional state agriculture bureau stated.

The fruits most commonly planted under the scheme include bananas, papayas, and avocados.

The project, which has entered its second year of implementation, has benefited many pastoralists in the South Omo Zone in the first year.

South Region Rural Cluster Coordinator and Bureau Head with the rank of Deputy Chief Administrator, Usman Surur said the fruit development project faced resistance at the beginning.

However, the project gained acceptance by the pastoralist and farmers upon its effective implementation, he added.

Especially the pastoralist have become major advocates of large scale production of banana, papaya and avocado produces.

According to deputy chief administrator, the work done in the first year of the implementation period has inspired more demand and motivation.

He explained that due to the change in the mind set of the pastoralist, they are working on land that has not been developed for many years.

Recalling that the government provided seedlings and other resources for the success of the project, Surur said that this year they are preparing banana seedlings by themselves.

In order to make the 30-40-30 fruit development project sustainable, it is necessary to work with knowledge, faith, and perseverance, he stressed.

South Omo Zone Chief Administrator, Nigatu Dansa said the 30-40-30 fruit development project has brought new hope to the pastoralist in the zone.

He stated that the pastoralist are happy as they have settled and are carrying out farming and animal husbandry.

The chief administrator disclosed that over 15,000 tons of produce was brought to the market from the 1,000 hectares of land covered by fruit last year.

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