Liberia: More Than We Think of the Drug Abuse Situation

Statistics from the Ministry of Health putting the number of At-risk youth or drug-addicted youth in Liberia at 47,917 is nothing but an understatement of a situation that has become a national crisis and center of discussion in all quarters of the country.

Parents, guardians and institutions across Liberia are lamenting a serious situation that threatens the next generation of Liberians and yet, authorities at the Ministry of Health wants the nation to believe that youth already affected by drugs are less than 50,000.

We vehemently disagree with this figure, for Monrovia alone, not to talk of Montserrado County, has more than 50,000 drug-addicted youth. They are in communities and ghettoes across the city needless to talk about the entire county or the remaining 14 counties.

Substances such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, tramadol, and kush, among others, are being smuggled into Liberia daily thru our porous borders, and even official port of entries as was experienced at the Freeport of Monrovia on two separate occasions with cocaine valued nearly 150 million United States Dollars!

Assistant Minister for Curative Services at the Ministry of Health and Head of the Technical Working Group for the government’s At-Risk Youth Program, Dr. Gborbee G. Logan, revealed at the Ministry of Information’s weekly press briefing last Thursday that a total of 47,917 at-risk youth are across Liberia.

Dr. Logan explained that after President George Weah launched a US$13 million rehabilitation program in 2022 for drugs-addicted youth, a committee was established with a goal of reaching at least 500 youth per year, but revealed that recent weeks have shown an alarming increase in complaints from At-risk youth, particularly in Montserrado County.