Rwanda: Davis D Sheds Light On Removal of ‘Bermuda’ From YouTube

The removal of Davis D’s new song ‘Bermuda’, that featured Bushali and Bulldog, from his YouTube channel, was a result of the problems Element Eleeh, the producer of the song, has with one of the artistes featured on the song, Davis D has said.

The Rwandan Afrobeats star said this in a statement issued on all his social media platforms to put clarity on reports that were accusing him of copyright infringement.

“I am writing to inform you about an unfortunate incident regarding my recent video, Bermuda, which has been temporarily taken down from YouTube. This unfortunate occurrence is a result of a dispute between my music producer and the musician involved in the audio production,” reads a statement issued on June 27.

Davis D also assured his fans and supporters that every effort is being made to resolve the issue and restore the video to its rightful place on the platform.

“I understand the impact this removal has had on my devoted fan base, and I’m sincerely apologizing for any inconvenience caused. My team and I are actively engaging in discussions with both the music producer and the musician in an effort to find a resolution that respects the artistic integrity of the project while allowing the video to be reinstated.

“I want to assure you that we are working tirelessly to resolve the issue and bring the video back to YouTube as soon as possible,” the statement added.

‘Bermuda’ was released on Friday, June 23, and was put down from YouTube a few hours after it started trending on the streaming platform. It was produced by Element and directed by Bagenzi Bernard.

Davis D is credited to be among the best Afrobeat singers in Rwanda. Since the release of ‘Biryogo’, his breakthrough song, the singer has made a number of hits like ‘Micro,’ ‘Dede,’ ‘Ifarashi,’ ‘Itara’ and many others which are still driving the party life in Kigali.

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