Seychelles Ports’ Digital System to Be Fully Operational By January 2024

The Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) is digitalizing its services with the launch of a Management Information System (PVMIS) with the aim to make them more efficient and faster.

The project is expected to be fully operational by January 2024 and the final details will be worked on in the coming months. The whole project will be tried before the full launch so that the issues raised can be addressed.

Agencies and organizations involved in all the port’s operations on Friday met in an open discussion forum to address concerns and give suggestions to make the system better for everyone.

The PVMIS is a centralized information system where all the forms, such as at the departure port before the boats can go about their business, can be filled out earlier and in real-time.

“The importance of this system is that everyone working at the port will be linked by a central system to ensure that they are all working with the same information, that is available at a single point,” said the deputy chief executive of SPA, Egbert Mustache.

He added that this will ensure that there is no confusion or people with varying information about the same thing.

Mustache said that this digital system will be better for the environment, as it will eliminate the use of paper in these processes.

The PVMIS will incorporate a variety of systems, such as accounts, procurement as well as accounting, and web-based solutions designed for real-time planning and management of port operations.

During the discussions, a number of issues were raised, such as internet access for the vessels themselves, as the system necessitates an internet connection and link with the customs system (ASYCUDA), among others.

Seychelles is part of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and this project is part of the standards set by the Convention of Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic, called the FAL Convention.

The FAL Convention contains standards and recommended practices and rules for simplifying formalities, documentary requirements, and procedures on ships’ arrival, stay and departure.

Under the FAL Committee, IMO developed standardized FAL documentation for authorities and governments to use.

Since April 2019, the FAL Convention makes it mandatory for ships and ports to exchange FAL declarations electronically, and from January 2024, the single window approach will be mandatory in all ports.

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