Somalia: One Person Missing After Boat Carrying Miraa Capsizes in Lamu

Lamu, Kenya — One person is yet to be found following a tragic boat accident that occurred in the waters of Mkokoni-mlango wa Chanu in Lamu East Sub County.

Reports indicate that two people were rescued from the boat which capsized on Friday morning.

The three individuals were transporting miraa from Mokowe jetty in Lamu West to the border town of Kenya and Somali Kiunga when the accident occurred.

The distress call reporting the incident was received by Kenya Wildlife Service warden, Willy Osoro, around 11 am.

He immediately mobilized a team and rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, two crew members were successfully rescued, but the coxswain, identified as Musa Mikdad Bonge, remained missing.

“We received a call from a search and rescue team from Mkokoni reporting that a boat named ‘Mwana-Mpesi,’ which was enroute to Kiunga from Mokowe, had capsized at Mlango wa Chanu. We quickly responded and managed to rescue two crew members, but the coxswain is still missing,” said Warden Osoro.

The search and rescue operation is currently in progress, being conducted by a multi-agency team.

However, the treacherous conditions at sea, with rough waters and heavy rain, have posed significant challenges for the rescue team.

In response to the incident, Honorable Bwana Bwana, the Kiunga ward member of the County Assembly, has urged fishermen and other sea users to exercise caution when venturing into the sea, particularly during this season when the waters are extremely rough.

“The metrology department has issued an advisory regarding the rough sea conditions this month. I urge fishermen and other sea users to take this advisory seriously and be careful. In the meantime, we are working tirelessly to locate the missing coxswain,” stated Honorable Bwana .

As the search and rescue efforts continue, authorities are urging individuals to remain vigilant while navigating the sea and to heed all warnings and advisories to ensure their safety.

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