South Africa: Public Called to Protect Water Resources

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has called on South Africans to take part in the Clear Rivers campaign to protect water resources in honour of former President Nelson Mandela.

The annual Clear Rivers campaign takes place in July, as part of promoting volunteerism in the celebration of the iconic Statesman, former President Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July and throughout Mandela Month.

Department spokesperson, Wisane Mavasa, said the campaign calls on everyone to dedicate their 67 minutes of goodwill activities towards cleaning up streams, wetlands, dams, canals and any freshwater source.

Mavasa said during Mandela Month, everyone is encouraged to participate in cleaning up the water ecosystems.

“The objective of the Clear Rivers campaign is to undertake a collaborative effort and actively engage communities, as well as promoting and creating ongoing awareness and education on protecting our water resources. Fostering volunteerism among communities is actively encouraged as part of a proactive approach to protecting our rivers, streams, wetlands and other water ecosystems,” Mavasa said.

Mavasa noted that South Africa’s rainfall is unpredictable and common periods of drought limit the water resources even further. She said rivers that used to flow throughout the year are now dry, while others flow only during rainy seasons.

Mavasa warned that years from now, the demand for water might exceed the amount of available water in the country, and this means that the nation must take care of its water resources, use and share water more effectively.’