Uganda: Motorists to Foot Bills As UNRA Moves to Tow All Stationed Vehicles Off Highways

UNRA has started receiving bids from private operators who are able to provide towing services and clearing all highways of abandoned vehicles.

In a bid notice by the Executive Director, UNRA says government intends to engage private operators to provide towing and storage services for vehicles that are broken down and abandoned along the roads across the country under a Memorandum of Understanding for a period of three years which is renewable.

The objective of the assignment is to remove broken down and abandoned vehicles from the road expeditiously in order to enhance safety along our roads. The service shall be provided at a cost to the vehicle owners and therefore the private operators will recover fees for their services from the vehicle owners,” the bid notice by UNRA reads in part.

According to the notice, the services will include patrolling of the roads to identify broken down and abandoned vehicles and therefore, the fees to be charged from the motorists will also include a component to finance the patrolling cost.

The towing services will be provided in different regions including the central, north, south, eastern and western.

“The Government of Uganda represented by Uganda National Roads Authority now invites eligible private operators to submit their applications expressing their interest in providing these services. Interested providers should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications to perform the services.”