Uganda: MPs Advocate for Funds for Local Council Elections

Kampala, Uganda — Legislators tasked the Ministry of Finance to prioritize funding of the elections for Local Councils I, II and the women’s councils.

The MPs’ demands were made during the plenary sitting on Wednesday, 12 July 2023.

Hon. Susan Amero (Indep., Amuria District Woman Representative) said that since the terms of local council chairpersons expired, no money has been availed to facilitate the election of new office bearers.

“Since we have the three per cent contingency funding, shouldn’t we work towards utilizing it for this purpose?” Amero asked.

Hon. Geoffrey Macho (Indep., Busia Municipality) said land transactions cannot be concluded due to the absence of officials to process them at the village level.

“Yesterday we had people who failed to buy land in Busia because the LC chairman feared to sign since his term of office already expired,” said Macho.

Oyam District Woman Representative, Hon. Sandra Alum tasked the Finance and Local Government Ministers to expeditiously address the funding gap and report to Parliament.

Speaker Anita Among noted that the Attorney General recently informed Parliament that the term for women’s councils would be temporarily extended.

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