Uganda: NCHE – Underfunding Leading to Low Quality Graduates

The National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) has blamed the increase in low quality graduates in Uganda on underfunding.

NCHE says that whereas it has the mandate to ensure high quality of graduates, it is being let down by low funding.

The remarks were made by the executive director of NCHE, Prof Mary Okwakol during a public lecture held under the theme ‘Financing And Investment In Higher Education in Uganda.’

The public lecture was held as part of the celebrations to mark 20 years of NCHE’s existence.

Speaking to journalists, Okwakol said more money and investment is needed to inject into institutions to ensure that high quality education is offered to students to produce quality graduates needed in the labor market.

“Institutions don’t have enough funds to put up adequate infrastructure facilities to equip teaching facilities, to recruit quality staff. Inevitably, that can lead to poor output quality,” Okwakol said.

She added, “Most private universities depend mostly on fees to sustain the institutions yet these funds are not enough to sustain an institution and enable it produce quality graduates..So, underfunding which also leads to understaffing hurts the sub sector.”

She highlighted that the education sector needs a financing model that can sustain the quality of education and ensuring that no one is left behind.

“This entails mechanisms that will ensure mechanism that will ensure that there is sufficient funding for instance funding infrastructure and facilities as they are key for various institutions, to have quality staff. Its about money being available for these key things,” Okwakol said.