Uganda: Tyana Bax Releases Video for New Song Owooma

Fast rising Israel based female Ugandan singer, Tyana Bax has released the video for her new track named ‘Owooma.’

The new dancehall love song speaks about a woman singing praises for her lover whom she describes as not being regular but rather muscular in love and brings her goose bumps whenever his name is mentioned.

In the new song’s video, she is seen cuddling her lover as she sends a message that speaks to many in love on how they feel about their partners by praising them for their intimacy, love , care and sweetness.

The song goes on also to speak out on how she is not regular but rather muscular in love and so sweet.

“You give tickle, owooma nga nva butiiko, omeeza olutikko” one of the lines in the song says.

Based in Israel, Tyana Bax also boasts of other singles including Nyongera, Omukuto, Oliwabula and Irrigate, Gukuba and now Owooma .

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