Rwanda: Charis UAS Selected for Google for Startups Black Founders Fund

Charis Unmanned Aerial Solutions (UAS), a leading 3D geospatial drone data company based in Rwanda, has achieved a remarkable milestone by being chosen as one of the 25 recipients of the prestigious Google for Startups Black Founders Fund in Africa.

This recognition is particularly significant to Rwanda as Charis UAS proudly stands as the only Rwandan company selected for this esteemed opportunity in the current year.

The announcement was made on Tuesday, June 20, marking a significant moment for Charis UAS and its dedication to innovation, excellence, and driving lasting impact within the tech industry.

The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund is a highly regarded initiative that recognises and invests in promising, Black-founded companies across the continent. Out of more than 4,000 companies vying for the fund, Charis UAS emerged as one of the selected recipients to receive non-dilutive capital.

This recognition not only brings honour to Charis UAS but also highlights its potential to create transformative change and drive sustainable growth within the tech sector.

In a statement, Eric Rutayisire Muziga, the founder and CEO of Charis UAS, expressed enthusiasm about the investment, stating:

“This investment will propel us to new heights, unlocking opportunities to create transformative change and drive sustainable growth. We are excited to leverage this investment to further advance our mission, scale our operations across the continent, and make a profound difference in the lives of individuals and communities we serve.”

About Charis UAS

Charis UAS is renowned for its expertise in offering cutting-edge drone data collection and 3D-geospatial data to public and private enterprises in Africa. By offering high-resolution geospatial data and advanced data analytics, Charis UAS has enabled governments and multinational corporations across the continent to make informed decisions that improve crop production, advance energy programmes, protect local environments, and even save lives.

The company operates through two divisions: Charis UAS, which specialises in drone technology and 3D-geospatial data analytics services, and Charis Labs, which designs and manufactures drones and related hardware.

Charis UAS has expanded its operations to eight countries in Africa, including Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Angola, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

With an impressive track record, Charis UAS has achieved remarkable milestones. It has mapped, digitised, and analysed more than one million hectares of land, conducted over 100,000 flights, collected and processed more than 250 terabytes of data, and monitored projects worth over $3.5 billion through its platform in 2022.

Charis UAS has emerged as a one-stop centre for drone-based solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services that include data collection, interpretation, storage, and online visualisation through the Charis Analytics platform.

The company has demonstrated its prowess in various sectors, including health, agriculture, mining, infrastructure, and the environment.

In the health sector, Charis UAS has pioneered a groundbreaking drone-based larvae source management programme that maps and digitises mosquito breeding sites in 3D and utilises drones to spray larvacides and carry out community mobilisation for malaria control.

The programme resulted in a remarkable 92 per cent reduction in mosquito larvae and associated malaria cases, leading to a framework contract signed between Charis UAS and the Government of Rwanda.

In agriculture, Charis UAS provides detailed geospatial data to banks for loan assurance programmes and empowers farmers with precision agriculture techniques. The company’s expertise extends to infrastructure, where it utilises drones and geospatial data processing to deliver accurate topographical surveys and regular monitoring of construction projects, significantly reducing the time required for surveys compared to traditional methods.