Somalia: UNFPA Team Pays a Visit to Southwest State

Baidoa, Somalia — The President of the Southwest state Abdiaziz Laftagareen, received a delegation from UNFPA at the Presidential palace in Baidoa City on Monday.

Laftagareen and UNFPA head in Somalia Niyi Ojoulape discussed the enhancement of healthcare, vocational training, youth employment, and strengthening cooperation.

The Ministers of Planning, Youth, Health, Ports, Women, and Water were in attendance at the meeting between the regional leader and the UNFPA team visiting Baidoa town.

According to a statement from the Presidency of the Southwest Administration, UPFA promised to double its support for the regional state and its people amid the drought crisis.

UNFPA supports humanitarian responses and recovery efforts. It also works with health services to reduce maternal mortality, among the highest rates in the world, by strengthening community midwifery and the supply of commodities.

The city of Baidoa, which is the capital of the Bay region, is under a siege imposed by Al-Shabaab fighters, who asked the local businesses to pay tax.

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