Tanzania: Maize Farmers Earn Big As Prices Soar

MAIZE farmers are laughing all the way to bank as prices are rising despite increased supply from the onset of harvest season this year thanks to government initiatives to buy the crop at competitive prices.

‘Daily News’ survey in Morogoro, Mara and Dar es Salaam shows that maize prices have soared to between 800/- and 1,000/- per kilogram in Morogoro and Dar es Salaam to the delight of farmers as the government offered them higher than prevailing market prices.

The prices of maize last season without the government directive were at around 400/- per kilo.

Last month the government announced National Food Reserve Agency would be buying the crop for between 800/- and 1,000/- per kilogram.

The survey in Mvomero, Kilosa districts in Morogoro, Musoma in Mara and Dar es Salaam showed that the prices did not fall despite increased supply as the harvesting season began.

A farmer, Joseph Tumaini at Kibati Village in Mvomero Region in Morogoro said that the price of 100kg sack of maize hit 80,000/- up from 30,000/- fetched last season.

“They are sold at a high price and we expect it to raise even more as we have just started harvesting,” said Mr Tumaini.

He added that in Kibogoji village in Mvomero the price has risen compared to what is sold in Kibati where a sack of maize goes at 95,000/-.

Another farmer Seth Fortidas at Dumila in Kilosa District said that one sack of maize is selling for between 100,000/- and 126,000/-.

“This is a stunning price to be recorded as harvest season starts…signs are promising to us this season,” Mr Fortidas said.