Tanzania: Minister Intervene in Wastes Collection Permit Saga

MINISTER of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Union and Environment), Dr Suleiman Jafo, has given 15-day ultimatum to Dar es Salaam City Council to issue a permit to a local company to collect wastes from Pugu dumpsite for recycling.

The company, Givorah Recycling Limited, had applied for a permit to collect wastes from the dumpsite but the city council has not released it. Following the delay, Dr Jafo ordered immediate release of the document so as to reduce the waste accumulation at the dumpsite.

“My instruction to the Municipality is very clear. Just issue a permit document to the company within 15 days to enable them to collect the waste from the Pugu garbage,” said Mr Jafo over the weekend during the visit of the company’s premise at Mtoni Ward in Temeke District to observe waste recycling processes.

He said the city dumpsite located at Pugu Kinyamwezi is overloaded thus if companies such as Givorah have shown readiness to help in keeping the environment clean, it is better to allow them as soon as possible.

“I am surprised to hear that a company intending to help in promoting cleanliness is denied the permit…This does not sound well,” he added.

He further said the city is producing a large amount of waste reaching around 6,000 to 7,000 tonnes a day, hence letting that company to collect the waste from the Pugu dumpsite will help to reduce the accumulation of waste.

Jafo said the government is striving to keep the environment clean through its various projects including planting trees and discourage production of charcoal and firewood which leads to deforestation.