Uganda: FDC to Proceeds With Elections Amid Internal Disagreements

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has announced that it will continue with its plans for internal elections, despite facing resistance from a faction of leaders calling for a postponement.

Brahim Ssemujju Nganda, in a parallel meeting organized yesterday, revealed that some FDC leaders opposed the internal election, accusing Secretary General Nandala Mafabi of manipulating the process.

“We have raised our concerns formally and informally on numerous occasions, but to no avail. All they want is to hold fraudulent elections and install themselves in power, while sidelining those they disagree with,” expressed Ssemujju.

“We are gradually heading towards a situation where we will have a formal or informal relationship with Museveni. There are individuals who pretend to fight against this regime, but in reality, they do not,” he added.

However, at the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi, FDC Electoral Commission Chairperson Boniface Toterebuka Bamwenda affirmed that the party would proceed with the election process, starting from the village level up to the district level.

The National Delegates Conference would then elect the members of the National Executive Committee.

“We expect to conduct elections in 71,230 villages, 10,595 parishes, 2,211 sub-counties, 353 constituencies, and 150 districts. At each level, we will elect nine members of the Youth League, nine members of the Women League, and eight members of the Mainstream/Executive,” stated Bamwenda.