Uganda: Mugisha Muntu’s Prophecy Comes to Pass At FDC

When Patrick Amuriat contested against Mugisha Muntu as President of FDC, the campaign got heated up and later turned shabby; Mugisha Muntu was treated as if he had never been a member of the FDC party.

Most of Dr Besigye’s disciples sided with POA against Mugisha Muntu, giving a clear image of who Besigye supported in that particular election.

Besigye’s disciples talked all sorts of things against the humble general and even made a lot of allegations against him until they succeeded in misleading most of the FDC members and the mission was accomplished when Muntu lost the election.

However one of the things they said which became common and took people’s attention was the accusation of Mugisha Muntu being President Museveni mole.

The ones who were preaching that gospel wondered why General Muntu had never openly insulted President Museveni or even doing something and he’s arrested by police.

They concluded that he was being treated special because he was a mole who was sent to FDC to completely finish it.

In his response to those allegations, Mugisha Muntu said that the FDC members will one day get shocked when they find out who the mole is.

In a dramatic turn of things, the FDC are up in arms accusing the party secretary general and the party President of attempting to sell the party to President Museveni.

It should be noted that the FDC bred a group extremists who were largely young people, mostly from universities.

These ones would later breakaway and join Bobi Wine’s movement which is now the NUP party, but all the doctrine and the mind poisoning was gotten from Najjanakumbi.

Fortunately, using some of the skills they were able to hoodwink voters around central Uganda and even rig votes in Kampala to emerge opposition’s largest party in the country taking away a position that the FDC had enjoyed for many years.

The camps within FDC cannot allow them to form a one united party and even if they’re mediated today to start working together they would still get divided because of the historical bickering.

For instance, when Mugisha Muntu decided to breakaway from the FDC with his group to form their own political party, Nandala Mafabi followed them with a letter demanding that they return all the party property which was in their possession that included among many cups, plates and spoons, this was intended to embarrass Mugisha Muntu as a person.

The Forum for Democratic Change FDC isn’t any better than the NRM which they criticize every time they’re given a chance to speak to the public.

It’s founder Besigye has for decades failed to differentiate between Uganda and the person of President Museveni. And that’s why he will never fail to mention “Mr Museveni” when gets a chance to speak.

To Besigye, the politics of Uganda are about President Museveni and he strongly believes that once you do away with President Museveni all the problems that Uganda has will instantly be solved which is absolutely false and misleading.

The reality is that if President Museveni isn’t in charge, it is possible some of these problems could even get worse.

All this talk is to distract members from questioning what is going on inside FDC itself.

Where’s the internal democracy and the rule of law within the FDC? Why have they kept on singing something that they’ve failed to practice in their small political party? What would happen if they had the majority of Ugandans as their members? Would they act different from NRM or they would actually be worse?

Those are the questions that the members of FDC should ask themselves and if the answers are negative then they should have all the reasons to disembark from the crumbling party.

The opposition in Uganda will always have an execuse to hoodwink the public. Opposing is their hobby but when they’re the ones in charge they completely fail.

Ssemujju Nganda, perhaps the only passionate member of FDC and the only man still standing in the blue party has become a comedian in parliament.

He spends much of his time in parliament trying to go personal on the Prime Minister of Uganda and President Museveni.

Being a journalist Semuju Nganda knows the statements to make so as to steal the attention of the news writers and subsequently their gullible audiences who will think that in doing so, he is a hard working member of Parliament who should never leave the House.

What does Ssemujju say during the time of discussing budget and other important bills in parliament. What new ideas does he bring that challenges those of the NRM side in parliament? Absolutely none.