Uganda: Ssemujju Threatens to Reveal Mafabi and Amuriat’s Secret Dealings With Museveni If Provoked

Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, the Kira Municipality MP has threatened to reveal the secret dealings of Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) president Patrick Oboi Amuriat and the secretary general Nathan Nandala Mafabi with President Museveni if ​​provoked.

The Amuriat faction on Monday demanded that Ssemujju apologise for holding an illegal assembly and step down as the party spokesperson for what they deem as indiscipline

Robert Centenary, who represented Amuriat, has stated that Ssemujju needs to be disciplined immediately and demanded that Ssemujju respect the party.

However, Ssemujju who is also the FDC party spokesperson, has asked the two embattled leaders to “go slow” with him and stop threatening him, as he will not be kind to them any longer.

While appearing on NBS Morning Breeze on Tuesday, Ssemujju said that he will not step down and is ready to clean up the party.

“There are no dirtiness that has actually been exposed, it hasn’t. We are just speaking in broad terms. If our colleagues (Mafabi and Amuriat) provoke us, we will go into details and these details are available,” he threatened.

Ssemujju Nganda has accused Mafabi and Amuriat of undermining the party’s principles and sources say that a substantial amount of money was received by Nandala’s group, the source of which is unclear.

Ssemujju Nganda stated that he is not scared of anything but is ready to clean up the party, and that those who want to sell the party to President Museveni should not think that they are more ruthless than him.

“I don’t think they are more ruthless than Museveni. I should have gone home if I am afraid of ruthless people. I have put my life in the line of fire. You cannot scare me. I do not die quietly; nobody should expect that. It is not in my DNA. People can go and investigate since I was born, I don’t die quietly,” he said.

Ssemujju Nganda noted that threats like these are a part of life and that he will not be pushed out.

“If I lose one battle, I prepare for another. We will battle until that dirty linen is cleaned,” he said.

Sources say that the misunderstanding between the leaders was majorly sparked by a substantial amount of money received by Mafabi’s group whose source was unclear.

“I am giving notice, I am not leaving. If anyone thinks you are going to push me out, I am not leaving. If I lose one battle, I prepare for another. We will battle until that dirty linen is cleaned.”