Africa: Summit Engagements Showed Eagerness to Deal With Africa Challenges

Gaborone — The 15th US-Africa Business summit has been credited as the most successful and engaging meeting that has seen participating heads of state recognise the need to resolve a plethora of challenges affecting the African continent.

“I am pleased that the level of the engagements showed eagerness and quest to deal with Africa’s challenges which are multiple.

It showed that Africa is in motion,” President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi said, as he reflected on the historic summit that was held at the Royal Aria in Tlokweng from July 11-14.

President Masisi said he had received accolades that suggested the event was ‘the best US-Africa Summit’, owing to the zeal and vigour of the host country.

“This summit showed the quest for our youthful and dynamic population, which is in need for capacitation, skills, development and the need for jobs and opportunities,” said the President. He added that participation by some heads of state was motivating and focused on dealing with critical areas and priorities of which the continent wanted to achieve.

President Masisi said investment in indigenous knowledge was an ongoing conversation with different institutions that possessed the tool sets to realise it, adding that through the summit different entities were reached.

He said investing in indigenous knowledge was work in progress and involved engaging the entities on the capacity to patent, distribute, price and develop a business preposition for it to be funded.