Kenya: Azimio Claims Govt Sanctioning Militia Against Protestors

Nairobi— The Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition leaders have accused the government of hiring militia to attack the protestors during the three-day anti-government protest slated for this week.

The opposition coalition lawmakers led by National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi alleged that the Kenya Kwanza Alliance parliamentary group meeting chaired by President William Ruto organized plans to met violence on Opposition supporters.

“It’s unfortunate and for the first time in the history of the country that State House has sanctioned the enlisting of militia against the people. It’s what happened in Statehouse on Saturday morning,” he stated.

“We are concerned that the country can take such a direction,” said Wandayi.

In a statement, the Opposition lawmakers claimed that Kenya Kwanza Alliance MPs had been issued instructions to recruit youth from their constituencies to counter the Azimio protestors during the demonstrations.

“We take note that Kenya Kwanza MPs have threatened to mobilize their supporters to counter-protesters whom they believe are supporters of Azimio. Again, Kenya Kwanza is missing the point and getting it wrong,” said Wandayi.

The Azimio Leaders insisted that they will not be cowed by the intimidation by the government following claims that the government had trained an illegal killer squad to harm opposition leaders as well as their supporters.

“We take note that Kenya Kwanza MPs have resolved to cooperate with the police. We know what this means. It means confronting protesters with members of that killer squad called Operations Support Unit, whose brief is to maim and kill protesters, including Azimio leaders,” noted Madzayo.

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna warned the government from recruiting militia to harm protestors saying the move will be futile as only reduction of cost of living will convince Kenyans to shun protests.

“We have received intelligence that senior police officers have chosen to ignore the directive by CS Kindiki to senior police officers to shoot protestors. Thats why the President told MPs to recruit militia to come and harm protestors,” said Sifuna.

Yesterday, Odinga has alleged that the government has revived the “Operation Support Unit (OSU),” a trained squad known for its lethal capabilities, within the official security agencies.