Kenya: Tourism Regulator Targets Illegal Spa, Wellness Facilities in a New Crackdown

Nairobi — The Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) plans to crackdown on illegal spa and well facilities masquerading in these sectors.

This comes after the regulator yesterday unveiled the National Spa and Wellness Standard in Nairobi.

TRA Director General Norbet Talam said that the standards will professionalize and improve the reputation of the sector, which has been adulterated by unqualified providers.

“With the standards and the association being place, we are now in a position as the sector to offer competitive services that are up to the global standards,” Talam said.

“We must all roll out these standards in our facilities across the 47 counties in the country,” he added.

The standard is a comprehensive set of standards and best practices tailored specifically for the Kenyan market.

It will serve as a benchmark for industry professionals, providing them with a framework to deliver exceptional services while adhering to international quality standards.

At the event, the Spa and Wellness Association of Kenya (SWAK), a body that will represent the sector, was also formed.

“We are thrilled to launch the SPA and Wellness Association of Kenya (SWAK) and embark on this exciting journey of elevating our country’s spa and wellness industry,” SWAJ Chairperson Winnie Taylor said.

“Kenya possesses an abundance of natural beauty and resources that provide the perfect backdrop for unparalleled wellness experiences,” Taylor added.

“SWAK will play a vital role in promoting best practices, fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders, and raising awareness about the immense benefits of the spa and wellness sector.”

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