Liberia: Raji Urges Athletes and Medics to Be Ambassadors of Anti-Doping in Sports

Monrovia — Liberia Football Association president, Mustapha Raji, urged participants of a two-day Anti-Doping workshop to serve as ambassadors of Anti-Doping in sports. Raji addressed the participants at the opening of the workshop, emphasizing that the use of drugs in sports is unacceptable and should be resisted within the Liberia football league.

The LFA boss stressed the importance of investing in the human resources of any organization as it helps in developing the organization as a whole. Raji pointed out that football development requires various factors such as referee development, administration, marketing, sports medicine, coaching development, and financial support. When these elements work together, they ensure vital success.

He proudly mentioned that in 2022, the football association conducted its first Sports Medics course, benefiting many medics. Raji stated, “I am proud that CAF has supported the training of coaches, coaches instructors, and goalkeeping coaching training is also underway.” He emphasized the need for stakeholders to be aware that the funding received from CAF and FIFA is not solely intended for clubs. It should be shared for capacity building as the development of human resources is crucial.

Raji expressed his satisfaction with the workshop, stating that it would provide players with an understanding of what substances they should or should not take knowingly or unknowingly. He compared the players’ access to drugs through sports medics to individuals going to a pharmacy to request medication when they are sick. He acknowledged the unawareness among stakeholders and the adverse impact of substances on players’ performance. Raji appreciated the initiative by CAF and thanked the Tunisian Federation for their support.