Uganda: Mpuuga Punches Holes in Museveni’s Electoral Violence Statements

The Leader of Opposition in the Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga has said President Museveni’s recent statements on the ‘chaotic’ Bukedea LCV by-election will not solve electoral fraud and violence in the country.

The June 15 election saw one of the aspirants, David Steven Omagor, an independent candidate attacked by a group of goons who beat him to the extent of tearing his clothes as he approached the Electoral Commission (EC) offices for nomination. The attack also resulted in the robbery of his nomination documents and a significant amount of money.

Last week, Museveni issued a statement, condemning the manner in which the election process was conducted. He also called for arrests of leaders involved in the fracas.

Appearing on NBS Morning Breeze, Mpuuga, said he was far from impressed by the President’s statements.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) MP observed that he does not see Museveni being well-meaning in calling out against election irregularities.

He wondered why Museveni has not in the past issued the same statements condemning the previous ‘fraudulent’ elections like that of Kayunga LCV by-election in 2021.

“We have called out for election audits in the last four election cycles as part of the pattern that we would use to have some degree of consistency in our electoral system. Museveni has been opposed to this. He is the sole beneficiary of electoral fraud,” Mpuuga said.

Mpuuga, says if Museveni is indeed serious about sanitizing the electoral process, he should come up with a projection on whether the army will change the way it handles electorates or whether there will be effective constitutional reforms.