University of Khartoum to resume e-learning services


The Council of Deans of the University of Khartoum has approved a proposal to resume e-learning in a number of faculties of nine Sudanese universities. Exam centres for students in their final years have also been determined.

In a meeting last week, the council of deans, chaired by Rector Emadeldin El Amin, agreed that students in their final years who have completed their courses, will be able to do their final exams starting on August 5.  

The exams can be done at El Gezira University, Nile Valley University, El Gedaref University, and the Cairo University for those who are now in Egypt.

The meeting selected the Nile Valley University, Shendi University, Dongola University, Red Sea state University, Kassala University, El Gedaref University, El Gezira University, Sennar University, and the Imam El Mahdi University as those they would coordinate the e-learning courses.

The e-learning courses will first resume in the faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing sciences, and architecture of these universities. They will be gradually extended to include all studies.

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