Ghana: Street Academy Embarks On Successful Health Walk

This year’s edition of the annual Street Academy health walk was held at the weekend in Accra with a number of corporate bodies joining over 800 children to walk through the principal streets of Accra.

Organisations such as Barclays Bank, MTN, Goil, CalBank, Right to Play and Naidvar Trust participated in the three-hour walk that started at 7am at the Arts Centre through Makola, Tudu, Farisco and the High Street, Jamestown and back to the starting point.

The walk was intended to raise awareness on the plight of less-fortunate children as well as emphasise on the importance of education.

Ataa Lartey, Executive Chief Director of the Academy, described the walk as a successful one as the set target was achieved.

“As we walked through the streets, people stopped us to inquire about the exercise. We took the opportunity to talk to them about the plight of street children, and also their education and how they could help,” he added.

He expressed excitement at the turn-out, stating the aim was to make the exercise bigger each year.

Mr Lartey entreated other corporate bodies to join the cause of the Academy in alleviating the challenges faced by street children.

On the sideline of the event was Street Academy’s international partner, Naidvar Trust, who are in the country and also took part in the walk.

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