Namibia: State House Appoints Lpm Councillor to Hydrogen Council

The Office of the President has appointed Landless People’s Movement (LPM) councillor Joseph Isaacks as a special adviser to the Green Hydrogen Council.

Isaacks is the //Kharas Regional Council’s chairperson, and has been highly critical of the green hydrogen project.

He claimed earlier this year that the project has excluded southerners from receiving bursaries.

In a letter dated 31 May, National Planning Commission (NPC) director general and Green Hydrogen Council chairperson Obeth Kandjoze invited Isaacks to accept the role of special adviser.

An Inter-Ministerial Green Hydrogen Council (GHC) was established by president Hage Geingob to oversee the development of Namibia’s green hydrogen industry.

In his letter, Kandjoze said the green hydrogen industry would be linked to partnerships and collaborations with key and affected communities in the //Kharas region.

To reinforce the government’s incorporation of the voices of the members of the said communities, Kandjoze said the representation of the views of the //Kharas Regional Council at the GHC is imperative.

“In execution of a presidential directive, the Green Hydrogen Council chairperson is now inviting you, Mr Isaacks, to accept the position of special adviser to the Green Hydrogen Council,” Kandjoze said.

Isaacks accepted the role in a letter dated 6 June.

“This invitation to join the Green Hydrogen Council has been accepted without any delay. Inclusiveness is our mission,” he said.

Isaacks was one of the dignitaries invited to State House in May for the signing ceremony of the feasibility and implementation agreement between the government and Hyphen Hydrogen Energy on the N$10-billion green hydrogen project.

Isaacks said the agreement has renewed and instilled new hope and aspirations among the people of Namibia, and southerners in particular, who have experienced grave exclusion from the economic streams offered by the country and region.

“It is indeed a privilege and honour again to be invited and to serve on such a significant project, but more important, that the president demonstrated his commitment to including the southern regions in such a national project through my direct participation.”

Isaacks assured Kandjoze of his commitment to serve on the GHC with diligence, honesty and trust.

“Please be sure of my willingness and cooperation on the council, and I am looking forward to our teamwork on the council,” he said.