Seychelles’ Population Estimated At 119,000 With 16 Percent Being Non-Seychellois Residents

The population of Seychelles is 119,878, according to the latest estimated figures of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), following a population and housing census completed in 2022.

The figures for the census in 2010 was 89,770 and the latest results show an additional 30,108 inhabitants, an increase of 33 percent.

According to NBS, the information collected from the census alone recorded a population of 102,612.

A statistician from NBS, Burny Payet, told SNA that the 119,878 figure is estimated because “we did not cover the whole population during the census for various reasons and we had to check our data against other sources, such as the national population database and border crossing records, in order to get a more accurate representation of the population of Seychelles.”

The NBS explained that they had numerous difficulties in collecting data during the census as they could not get access to every home for various reasons.

“We had issues, where people did not let us into the homes, people not being present during the exercise, while some outright refused to participate in the census,” explained Tania Pouponneau, another statistician at the NBS.

One of the main reasons why people did not participate in the census was mainly due to misinformation.

“During the census, there was a lot of false information being spread on social media, mainly about the information being collected, among other things, which caused many people to have doubts about the exercise and so, refused to contribute,” said statistician Ryan Madeleine.