Top 5 best malls to visit within Nairobi while on a safari

Top 5 best malls to visit within Nairobi while on a safari in 2022

We always want to take something home with us from a safari to remind us of the best memories we have made. While shopping on a safari, it’s crucial to think of the memories and the best of what your destination has to offer.

Whether you’re going on a planned shopping binge or just searching for a souvenir, Nairobi is a great destination to go shopping. Nairobi, Africa’s safari capital, is a fusion of an energetic African attitude and western culture, with the best shopping opportunities worldwide and regional brands.

Do you want to go shopping in Nairobi but aren’t sure which mall is the best? Worry no more. Here is a list of the best malls to visit within Nairobi while on a safari in 2022.

Two Rivers Mall

With its magnificent structure, Two Rivers Mall is one of the largest malls in Kenya. Being among the recently constructed malls, Tow Rivers is located in Runda along the famous Limuru Road. Being a modern mall built with an international look, the mall offers the greatest intimate and opulent shopping experience and entertainment.

Two Rivers is a constant beehive of activity, frequently reaching its height on weekends, thanks to its extensive real estate, including over 200 retailers and various cafes. One of the major attractions in this mall is the eye of Kenya, where you can see the skyline of Nairobi city on the Ferris wheel.

Enjoy the best shopping experience as the mall is packed with local and international brands, with multiple dining spots serving international and local delicacies. Enjoy the most satisfactory shopping experience possible, as the mall is jam-packed with domestic and international brands.

Two Rivers Mall-Top 5 best malls to visit within Nairobi while on a safari in 2022
Two Rivers Mall

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Westgate Mall

Described as East Africa’s finest shopping and leisure destination, the Westgate mall is one of Nairobi’s premier shopping malls. Located along Mwanzi Road in Westlands, Westgate Mall is a high-end shopping mall that offers a luxury shopping experience and entertainment.

With over 80 stores and various art and crafts kiosks open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., the Westgate mall is the best to visit within Nairobi as shoppers engage in exciting and enlightening events. While on your safari purpose, visit the Westgate Mall, which assures you of enjoyable, convenient, and unique shopping in a relaxing atmosphere with ample parking.

Westgate Mall-Top 5 best malls to visit within Nairobi while on a safari in 2022
Westgate Mall

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The Hub Karen

Located in the affluent Karen neighborhood, the HUB Karen Mall is among Nairobi’s best malls to visit. The Hub is a vast complex that contains a medical and fitness center and shopping and entertainment.

Built on a 380,000 square- foot area, this premier shopping mall is all about the experience. The Hub aims to provide unique experiences that you will always cherish with its spectacular design.

The Hub is an environment where you can spend the whole day with all your needs catered under one roof, from fun activities to branded stores and eateries. Additionally, you will find almost everything you are looking for while shopping. As you plan your shopping during your safari in Nairobi, make the Hub your stop and have the best shopping experience.

Galleria Shopping Mall

Located along lang’ata Road, Galleria shopping mall is strategically located to tap the tune of visitors and tourists heading to various attraction sites in Nairobi such as Giraffe center. Although its building is not as massive as Two Rivers Mall, Galleria Mall is a colorful and vibrant structure that boasts remarkable appeal.

Standing on 12 acres of land, the mall is a breathtaking structure offering fantastic shopping, dining, and other lifestyle services. Additionally, Galleria Mall has 550 parking bays, a vibrant children’s play area, and 250 capacity food zone.

If you are looking for a shopping experience that will surpass your expectations, a dining destination with such rich variety leaves you spoilt for choice or a thoroughly enriching lifestyle experience. Then look no further than Galleria Shopping Mall, the home of the complete experience.

Galleria Shopping Mall-Top 5 best malls to visit within Nairobi while on a safari in 2022
Galleria Shopping Mall

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The Village Market

Did you know that East Africa’s most extensive entertainment and shopping destination is the village market? As one of the oldest shopping malls in Nairobi, the village market was Actualized in 1995 with just ten stores.

Today, the complex is home to over 150 outlets covering 210,000 square feet of retail space, 20,000 square feet of office space, and recreation facilities. The village market is famous for its unique design that resembles a typical; African market incorporated with modernity to provide an aura of modern shopping.

Explore this spacious complex home to some of the best brands in Kenya and the world. The village market is a magnificent shopping center that you must visit for the best local and international products always to remind you of your safari experience.

The Village Market-Top 5 best malls to visit within Nairobi while on a safari in 2022
The Village Market

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Nairobi is unquestionably your shopping destination. With so many open-air marketplaces and top-notch stores, you’re sure to find that one-of-a-kind item while on safari. Looking for a city with a wide range of malls to complement your shopping? Nairobi is the place to go.

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