Uganda: FDC Leadership Promises Public Report On Alleged Money Exchange With President Museveni

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) chairman Waswa Birigwa has announced that investigations into the alleged exchange of money between President Yoweri Museveni and certain party executives are nearing completion, vowing to make the findings public.

This follows the consultative meeting led by Ssemujju Nganda, where he accused the FDC Party President and Secretary General of possessing undisclosed funds.

Chairman Birigwa’s comments come amid internal tensions within the FDC, with different factions expressing their concerns. One group criticized Ssemujju Nganda for holding the consultative meeting, which had initially been halted by the Secretary-General.

Robert Centenary, former Kasese Municipality MP, criticized Ssemujju for making the allegations publicly and demanded that he provide evidence to support his claims. Centenary questioned the timing of the allegations, considering that the party is currently preparing for elections, referring to them as election propaganda.

Birigwa stated that he has not received any complaints against Ssemujju Nganda, emphasizing that as the chairman, he has no case against him. He remains optimistic that the current issues will not escalate to the point of forcing anyone out of the party, as FDC members are still united despite the arising challenges.

In response, Ssemujju Nganda urged party leaders to step aside if it would benefit the FDC. He expressed his commitment to serving the people of Kira Municipality even if he were to be forced out of the party, as he has their mandate until 2026.

Gerald Siranda, Secretary General of the Democratic Party (DP), commented on the situation in FDC, stating that similar allegations have arisen in other political parties, including DP. He sees this as a test for FDC to demonstrate its loyalty and address the allegations effectively.

Siranda highlighted that the DP has faced similar money-related allegations in the past, and now it is FDC’s turn to prove whether the allegations are true or baseless.

As the investigations approach completion, the public eagerly awaits the release of the report, which will shed light on the accusations made by Ssemujju Nganda and help the party navigate through this challenging period.

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