Uganda: Ssemujju Nganda, Lukwago Are Biggest Beneficiaries of Museveni Money, Nandala Fires Back

Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) Secretary General, Nathan Nandala Mafabi has fired back at jabs thrown against him by party spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda that he is in bed with President Museveni.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Mafabi insisted that he has no business dealing with Museveni.

“Ssemujju Nganda is the biggest beneficiary of government money. He is a Chief Whip who is entitled to a government car. The same person received money for vehicles like other Members of Parliament. Why didn’t he return the money given to him for the vehicle? In all his previous campaigns, Ssemujju has used huge sums of money in his campaigns putting up very expensive billboards, did you bother to find out the sources of his funding,” Mafabi said.

The FDC Secretary General didn’t spare Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago whom he also accused of being in bed with the current government and its leaders.

“Lord Mayor Lukwago, the other instigator of turmoil was paid over shs500m from government as a court reward. Many Ugandans who have had similar court victories have not been paid. Can President Museveni allow for such payments if he has no interest in a person like the Lord Mayor?”

The faction led by Ssemujju Nganda earlier this week accused FDC president, Patriat Amuriat and Secretary General, Nandala Mafabi of plotting to hand over the once strongest opposition party to President Museveni in exchange for money.

Without specifying the amount, Nganda insisted that Mafabi mortgaged the party to Museveni.

However, responding to the allegations, Mafabi didn’t hold back as he fired salvos.

“I have a document here detailing the criminality and fraud that has been perpetuated by Ssemujju Nganda over the years. We had chosen to be silent about it hoping that the government agencies charged with this oversight would deal with it. However, what’s glaring is the running fraud being perpetuated by and for the sole benefit of Ssemujju and his family,” Nandala said.

“You can see many instances in the course of the last six months alone where Ssemujju has drawn public funds in hundreds of millions when he’s in two, sometimes three different places at same time within Uganda and sometimes outside as in the cases of Juba, Nairobi, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Algiers. Apart from his lies deliberately made for character assassination Ssemujju Nganda has