Uganda: Truck Drivers Have the Highest HIV Prevalence in Uganda, Says Aids Commission Boss

The Director General of Uganda AIDS Commission Dr. Nelson Musoba has said truck drivers have the highest prevalence of HIV/ AIDS in the country.

“Although we are making progress in terms of the 95 95 95 strategy, one of the areas where we still need to do more work is the one of key populations which are specific groups or individuals who because of their lifestyle and behaviour are more vulnerable to acquiring HIV and also transmit it. In this group, truck drivers are always moving transborder and not necessarily with their spouses. Therefore, the HIV prevalence among them is still high between 15% and 20%,” Dr.Musoba said.

“For Uganda, the national HIV prevalence is 5.4% but for truck drivers it is more than double. They( truck drivers) as individuals are at high risk of acquiring HIV but can also very easily pass on the virus to others because of their lifestyle and what they are engaged in.”

The Uganda AIDS commission boss was on Tuesday speaking during the launch of the North Star Alliance five-year strategic plan in Kampala.

North Star Alliance is an organization that offers health care to mobile populations such as trucker’s and sex workers across the region.

Speaking on Tuesday, Dr.Musoba hailed partners like North Star Alliance for their efforts in complementing government efforts to fight HIV/AIDS.

“Partners like North Star Alliance help to ensure as truck drivers move, they can access services like testing and get condoms and refills easily without necessarily having to go back to their home country. It covers such a crucial HIV response.”