Zimbabwe: Furore Over U.S.$55 Gems’ Replica Jersey as Fans Call It Exorbitant, Unreasonable

A EUROPE-based sportswear manufacturer has stoked anger among supporters after releasing and pegging Zimbabwe senior Netball team replica jerseys at a price that has been described as unreasonable.

Pfeka earlier this week released Zimbabwean jerseys that will be donned by the Gems at this year’s Vitality Netball World Cup in Cape Town.

According to the company, one has to part away with US$55 to purchase a replica jersey of the Gems in Zimbabwe.

The jerseys are designed with inspiration drawn from the Great Zimbabwe walls where the country’s name is derived.

In comparison to replicas of other sporting codes, they are the most expensive jerseys locally.

Zimbabwe Cricket replicas cost US$25 while local Premier Soccer League jerseys are going for US$20.

Netball Supporters have castigated the prices of the replica jerseys which they say are beyond the reach of many in Zimbabwe.

“It is a good initiative and a positive step for Zimbabwe Netball to have replica jerseys. It is their prices that many supporters cannot afford considering the economic conditions in Zimbabwe,” said one supporter Tanyaradzwa Dube.

The team was spotted donning the new Pfeka jerseys at their training base in Harare.

“The Gems have supporters across the country and many would have loved to purchase the jersey and support the girls in South Africa. However their prices are unreasonable especially for us in Zimbabwe,” said another supporter.

The Gems are scheduled to participate in this year’s World Cup for the second time since making their debut in England in 2019.

The team is targeting a top four after finishing in eighth place in England and has assembled a strong squad that has been in camp since June.

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