Kenya: Manufacturers Losing Up to Sh2.86 Billion Daily on Protests

Nairobi — Kenya’s manufacturing sector has been losing approximately Sh2.86 billion daily due to the ongoing opposition-led countrywide anti-government protests.

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) urged the two factions to iron out their differences since it was causing the country huge losses.

The association addressed a press conference Friday, saying the manufacturing industry was worst hit by the protests.

“The ongoing demonstrations have dealt a significant blow to the manufacturing sector,” KAM Chairman Rajan Shah said.

“And that is why we are urging the Kenya Kwanza government and Azimio La Umoja coalition to resolve their differences through dialogue,” Shah added.

He added that the protests have made it difficult for consumers to visit business premises as they fear being caught up in the melee.

The association further says that ongoing demonstrations have aggravated the already complicated economic situation owing to the tough times the country is going through.

“I think for us what we want is for the situation to be resolved. We cannot continue in the manner that we are moving,” said Mary-Ann Musangi, a board member of KAM.

She underscored that the demonstrations did not provide a solution in the end.

This even as the opposition insists that its anti-government demonstrations will go on as planned until the government listens to their grievances, among them the skyrocketing cost of living and punitive taxation.

The demonstrations have seen businesses close in several towns across the country.

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