Namibia: Swapo Pioneers Urged to Enhance Employment Prospects

Priscilla Isaacks, the Swapo Party Women’s Council branch coordinator for Mariental Urban District, has urged Swapo pioneers to embrace digital skills and adapt to the evolving employment landscape.

She emphasised the importance of equipping oneself with digital proficiency to enhance employability prospects as companies increasingly digitise their operations.

Speaking during a Swapo pioneers career counselling event on Saturday afternoon, Isaacks said in today’s world, where technology and online platforms play a crucial role, there is a need for pioneers to learn digital skills that align with the demands of the job market, including content marketing.

“Utilise digital skills, even if you have a smartphone, to make yourself more employable. Companies have digitised their operations, and content marketing, vlogging, blogging, podcasts–content is crucial in driving brand awareness,” she explained.

The coordinator acknowledged the role of traditional beliefs in helping young people develop a positive sense of identity and build self-esteem and values, encouraging them to differentiate between vocational and academic courses.

“Vocational courses take practical, hands-on approaches, teaching skills like plumbing, programming, and film editing. Academic courses tend to be more theoretical, covering subjects like maths, literature, and history. Skilled craftsmanship for artisans, tradespersons, or technicians can lead to gainful employment or self-employment with the requisite skills.”