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NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 22 — House Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah has told off retired President Uhuru Kenyatta over his outburst against President William Ruto’s administration.

While referring to Kenyatta’s remarks, Ichung’wah took a swipe at Kenyatta for claiming credit over an orderly transfer of power to Ruto, whose presidential bid he opposed, saying the retired President only fulfilled a constitutional obligation.

“You handed over power because the constitution obligates you to hand over. You never did us any favor; all we are asking you is to respect the Constitution,” he said.

Speaking while accompanying President Ruto on a development tour in Vihiga on Saturday, the Kikuyu lawmaker dismissed Kenyatta’s assertion on a targeted campaign to intimidate him security agencies to discharge their mandate without fear or favor.

“This other issue of protests and demonstrations, we allow the president to take stronger stance against them because you can’t tell other people’s sons to go for demonstrations and they get hurt as you protect your sons in Nairobi,” he added.

Ichung’wah sustained his onslaught against Kenyatta accusing him of funding riots to destabilize the country.

He also claimed that police sought to access the home of Kenyatta’s son, Jomo, due to suspicions that he possessed 20 firearms. 

“Why do you have firearms in your house? What battles are you fighting in your house?” the House Majority Leader posed.

He further accused Kenyatta of sabotaging Ruto’s economic recovery plan aimed at creating jobs for the youth who he claimed are being misused to destroy property during the anti-government demonstrations.

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“While the president is creating jobs you are complaining that he (Ruto) is disturbing your mother,” he remarked.

Kenyatta held a dramatic news conference on Friday at the Karen residence of his son after he claimed the DCI agents arrived in a vehicle bearing foreign number plates with intent to raid the home.

He accused the State of harassing his family, citing alleged visits by detectives to his son Jomo’s residence in Karen on Friday.

Expressing his frustration during a live television interview on Friday, Kenyatta challenged the authorities to cease targeting his entire family and instead confront him directly.

He challenged President Ruto’s government to face him directly instead of involving his family.

“If I am the problem, just come for me. My silence doesn’t imply fear. Come directly for me,” Kenyatta declared.

“Why involve my mother or my son in whatever is happening? Is it a crime for me to associate with Raila?” he posed.

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