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KABUL, Afghanistan July 22 – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has provided 120 displaced women and girls who have returned to Afghanistan’s Herat, with the opportunity to learn carpet weaving, embroidery, painting, making miniatures and bag production, Tolo News reported.

Tolo News is an Afghan news channel broadcasting from Kabul.

These women and girls have been included in the project “Making Afghanistan” and earn income by selling their handicrafts.

Head of the “Making Afghanistan” project, Hassan Khan Ahmadzai, said, “Usually, in this project, we provide artists with access to the market and connect them with the market. We also train them based on market demand so that they can produce goods based on market demand.”

The women and girls who are part of the ‘Build Afghanistan project’ said that they are the only breadwinners and heads of their families.

A student, Marzia Haidari, said, “This work is useful for us, we can help the family, stand up for ourselves, make a contribution.”

“We are a seven-member family, and I am the head of the family. This institution is good for us,” said Hawa Hussini, another student.

Women and girls in Afghanistan have started working from their houses after the Taliban banned them from working in NGOs.

“My request to the government is not to close down work for women and to open it. Women should go to work and carry out their work,” said Sakina Merzaye, a student.

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“We work in the handicraft carpet sector. The money I get from here is good for my family and I am a good helper for my parents,” said Latifa Ali Zada, another student, as per TOLO News.

These women and girls have been trained in carpet weaving, embroidery, painting, and making bags.

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