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VOI, Kenya, Jul 23 — President William Ruto has said violence against police will not be tolerated. 

The President warned that those who were sponsoring attacks against the police, who were doing their work professionally, would be dealt with decisively. 

He remarked that a significant number of police officers are in hospital nursing injuries as a result of the well-organised attacks.  

“Our security agencies, in accordance with the law and the Constitution, must enforce the rule of law,” he said. 

President Ruto asked leaders to stop sponsoring the destruction of valuable public infrastructure to sabotage the country’s economy. 

He appealed to youth not to allow politicians to misuse them to cause violence and destroy property. 

‘Reject violence’

“That will only land you in trouble,” he said. 

He spoke during an Interdenominational Church Service at Mwatunge Grounds, Taita Taveta County.  

Present were Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, Mining and Blue Economy Cabinet Secretary Salim Mvurya, and Taita Taveta Governor Andrew Mwadime. 

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Others were National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungw’a,  Shake Mbogho (Mwatate),  Lydia Haika (Taita Taveta), John Bwire (Taveta),  Danson Mwashako (Wundanyi), Abdi Chome (Voi), and Raham Mukami (Nyeri). 

He made it clear that his administration was ready to work with all leaders from across the political divide to advance the country’s development agenda. 

The President said beginning this month, cash transfer for the vulnerable will be paid on time. 

“If there are people who deserve our support, it is the vulnerable people,” he said. 

President Ruto said the Government has invested in farmers to boost the country’s food production capacity. 

“The way to deal with the high cost of food is by increasing production so that we can increase supply and be able to manage prices,” he said. 

The President noted that the  Government and County government of Taita Taveta will share revenue from Tsavo National Park equally. 

“We want you to enjoy the benefits of the national park in your county,” he said. 

Mukami asked Kenyans not to accept to be misused by the opposition to advance their political agenda. 

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“Let us go to our farms, businesses and places of work and contribute to the country’s development goals,” she said. 

Ethnic mobilization

Mudavadi told off Opposition leader Raila Odinga for using his community as a shield against prosecution for his political crimes. 

“We should not use our tribes as shields from evil desires, greed and personal gains,” he said

Mvurya said the Opposition’s violent and disruptive protests were scaring investors.

“How will we create job opportunities if we drive investors away?” he asked

MPs from Taita Taveta County, predominantly from the opposition, said they had made a conscious decision to steer clear of protests. 

Shake said protests by the opposition leader have no benefits for the people. 

Bwire said leaders from Taita Taveta County are keen on working with the government to transform the people’s lives. 

“You will not be remembered by the number of protests you do but by the transformative development programmes you initiate,” he said.

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Chome said leaders from Taita Taveta County have agreed to work with the Government to address challenges facing the people. 

 “We will not engage in anti-Government protests; instead, we will work with the government to bring development to our people,” he said. 

Mwashako said the unity of purpose in the county will fast-track the realisation of development programmes. 

Mwadime said leaders from Taita Taveta County have set aside their political differences,  teamed up and collaborated with the Government. 

He said he was working closely with President Ruto to lift the people out of poverty. 

“It is me and you (Dr Ruto) who will transform this county,” said.

Ichungw’a lauded the people of Taita Taveta for shunning protests and focusing on peace and development. 

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